The casing is not edible.  Prior to preparing sausage run the sausage with casing on under cold or warm water and the casing can be peeled right off, leaving nothing but the Wildman sausage to be cooked.  If you want to fry it you do not need oil or anything else, you could add water and cover up the frying pan to keep the steam in.  It is preferred to keep the sausage frozen until you want to prepare it.  There is no need do defrost it.

To grill/BBQ:

Begin with frozen sausage in package.  Pull sausage from the vacuum sealed package.  Run under water and remove the sausage casing.  Immediately put sausage onto a chopping block or suitable cutting surface.  Cut in thirds or quarters.  Then each individual piece should be butterflied.  Split apart and placed on grill.  This can be done while sausage is still frozen and is the preferred method.  Do not overcook as sausage will become dry.  8-8 minutes per side.  But make sure it is completely cooked. This sausage comes raw.  Once done slap it on a bun and add ketchup, mustard , dill pickle slices and raw onion or whatever else suits your fancy.

Fry in the pan

Prepare the sausage as described above with the butterflying of the sausage.  Then place in frying pan on medium heat ..flipping them 4 times for a total of 6-8 minutes per side…or until lightly browned.  Times may vary with different heat sources.


Preheat oven to 325.  Take frozen sausage and remove casing as described in first paragraph.  Wrap sausage in foil and place in oven drip pan.  Bake at 325 for 1.5 hour.

Note...once this sausage thaws out it is almost impossible to cut cleanly.  To cut it and hold its shape it must be done when it is frozen otherwise it becomes a disaster.  Never use a serrated knife. 

The following is what I make and I have never put it into words...I just make it.  so here is the best damn skillet on the planet:

California Wildman Skillet

The following is what I put in my skillet, it is not limited to this, more or less.  Use this as a guide and make your own variation thereof according to your individual taste.

Wildman Sausage
Green/red/yellow Pepper
Onion Purple or White
Celery Stick
Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning
Olive Oil

First fry up the sausage and then take it out of the pan.  Cut it into little bits.
In the same pan throw in a bit of olive oil.  Add the mushrooms and onions.  Timing is everything so you get a crunchy but not raw skillet. A good idea is to precut and prepare all the ingredients before starting to make this.   The mushrooms and onions will be soft, not a big deal.  As the mushrooms and onions are getting cooked, take a whole tomato and place it on top of the mushroom/onion.  Put a lid on the frying pan and let the heat build in the frying pan, this will blanche the tomato.  After about 3-4 minutes take a fork and get the tomato out of the frying pan.  This is only to remove the skin of the tomato.  Once you have it out of the frying pan, run it under cold water and remove the skin, you should be able to pull it off with your fingers.  Place it on the side for later.  Now add your pre-chopped celery to the frying pan, let it get half cooked...maybe 5 minutes, add the peppers of your choice and add the Creole seasoning.  After about another five minutes you want to take that tomato, or two of them if you wish, have it cut up into eighths and throw it on top of the mixture.  Put the lid on and wait about a minute or two...this is only to warm up the tomato...not to cook it.  It will get too mushy if you leave it in there any longer. You want the tomato raw but warm.   While this is all going on you need to prepare some eggs over easy or sunny side up, make sure they are runny, so when your fork goes into it the yoke runs down into the skillet melee.  Dole out the Skillet doings on a plate and sprinkle the shredded cheddar cheese on it.  Take the fried eggs and put it on top of the skillet/shredded cheese, this will ensure the cheese melts.  Then on the side slice up some avocado all around the eggs/skillet.  Salt and pepper to taste and indulge.

If you want potato in this skillet you will have to prepare this before you do the skillet.  You will need to bake, boil or microwave and then cool it down and either shred or cube and add to the skillet about when you take the tomato out.  I have made it with don't want to much.

I have also added onion scallion to the melee. 


The sausage can be thawed and broken apart and fried up and used as a pizza topping

It can be sliced into rings (only after it has been cooked), thickness to your liking, and put into your sweet and sour sauce over rice or quinoa.

It is also great in scalloped potatoes and fettuccine.

It is great in any kind of soup, jambalaya, breakfast dish (just sausage and eggs).

My soup recipe:  Beet Borscht  or Green Bean Soup

1 Gallon of water, maybe start with a little less and add if requied

1 package farmer sausage, remove casing and throw it in boiling water broken in half

5 medium sized red beets (shredded)  Or for bean soup cut up a pound or so of green beans

5 medium sized carrots (cut in small discs)

2 large potatoes (small cubes)

1 medium onion' (diced)

1 large can diced tomatoes     Leave this out for Bean soup

½ can condensed tomato soup   Leave this out for Bean soup

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp pepper

1 tbsp dill weed or more if you like

2 bay leaves

Throw in all the ingredients and bring to boil, reduce heat and let simmer for an hour or two.  First boil the sausage for twenty minutes, remove it.  I always skim out the white floaty things that come out of the sausage and then I add all the ingredients.  While the ingredients are brought back up to boiling temperature, cut up the boiled sausage and throw it back into the pot. 

For the bean soup add half a cup of half and half cream.
For the beet borscht you can add a spoon of sour cream to your bowl 

Here is the link to the video with horrible sound but you will get the idea how to prepare.